17 Aug

Alfa's online configurator for the hardcore sports sedan is live, and it's Italian.

Alfa Romeo dropped a 540-hp bomb on the automotive world when it announced the 2021 Giulia GTA. The beefed-up version of the already rapid Giulia Quadrifoglio gets better aerodynamics, up to 220 pounds of weight savings, and a more hardcore GTAm variant that doesn't even have back seats. But who needs back seats when you're going to look (and handle racetracks) like a straight-up badass in your Italian super sedan? Answer: No one. Leave the family, Fido, and groceries at home. What do we need? For the GTA to be here already! While we wait, then, it's a good thing Alfa released the GTA's online configurator for us to play with.

Dreaming up your perfect Giulia GTA won't take long, which is fitting, because the GTA trim traces its roots to the '60s and essentially means "this is the really fast Alfa." What makes the process quick? There simply aren't many options to choose from. Alfa is offering three metallic paint colors to choose from—red, white, and green—all of which appear on the Italian flag. How Italian is that? Buyers can look forward to five different color choices for the brake calipers: Red, yellow, black, silver, and a sort of bronze color. But that's it, that's your entire lot. There are only 15 different ways to spec the new GTA and GTAm, but we happen to think it looks fantastic in all of the available color combinations.

We still don't know if Alfa plans on selling any GTAs outside of Europe. Since the automaker is only producing 500 examples, these are no doubt going to be rare sights even in the countries where they do end up being sold. We hope U.S. buyers get the chance to pick up one of these bad boys, as BMW, Mercedes, and Audi don't currently offer any sedans this hardcore in the states. บ้านผลบอล888


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