29 Jul

With rallying at a standstill in the past months, Jari-Matti Latvala has used the time to focus on one of his other major interests.

When you have been competing regularly for 14 years or more, this year has become very strange. But it’s also been a good chance for me to focus my efforts on my Parc Fermé museum.

I think a few people know I am quite interested in the history of the rally sport. I’ve been collecting some cars for a while now and have some Audis, Fords and Toyotas in the museum already. But recently, I have expanded that a little bit more.

I have added three more Toyota Celicas. One is an ex-Mats Jonsson’s 1992 Swedish Rally-winning car, one was driven by Markku Alén and the other was Marcus Grönholm’s car from the 1992 1000 Lakes. This last one, I won’t use. It’s quite a famous car and I want to keep it for the museum. Marcus crashed from the rally in Vaheri stage, but he led after Harju.

I really enjoy to look to where the cars came from and bring them back to just how they were when the left the factory. But I also love to drive them.

I have been driving a Celica GT4 recently and this is the car I am thinking I might use in the FIA European Historic Rally Championship next season – it would be interesting to take this car to some of the asphalt events in Italy and other places.

I have three people working with me in the museum, working on the cars. Like you can imagine, we have sometimes had some difficult times to find the right parts – this is why we now invested in a 3D printing machine. So now, we can make a lot of our own plastic parts, which really helps to keep everything more original.

For my plans in the World Rally Championship, they went down a little bit when we lost Neste Rally Finland to coronavirus. This was tough for us Finns to take. When I heard that and then soon after Rally GB was the same story, then I thought I would take some time and make my plans more towards the next season. ผลบอลสด

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