19 Aug

Model Y not?

You're a family oriented sort of person. You have a suburban home in small-town America with a white picket fence, tw0-and-a-half children, and a Tesla Model Y electric vehicle to move the family without sucking up precious earthly resources (that's assuming the electricity you use comes from a natural energy source, such as the sun or wind). What more could you need? Sounds like you've got it made—so what about your kiddos? Enter Radio Flyer—you know, the brand behind your childhood red wagon—and its "My First Model Y," a scaled-down Tesla for your kids to ride around on.

The recipe is simple. Take Tesla's newest SUV and shrink it down to a size suitable for children. The Radio Flyer's design is true to the real thing, and the scale model Model Y features tires with actual rubber tread for better grip—that will hopefully last the life of the toy assuming your toddler isn't ripping burnouts everywhere he or she goes—and a steering wheel that apes the look of the steering wheel in the full-size Model Y. There's also a working horn and an ergonomically designed seat to help cushion little bums.

Unlike the real Model Y, there's no battery or state of charge to worry about. That means this bad boy will go as long as your toddler can kick along—probably not as long as the actual Model Y's EPA estimated 316-mile range. (That's right, this Model Y uses Flintstones-style foot power and is a simple ride-on toy.) This little flyer will make a cute addition to any garage, and it's certainly small enough to fit in an actual Model Y, should you need to take it and your toddler anywhere.

Radio Flyer has partnered with Tesla before, for a Model S sedan designed to fit slightly older kids. The toymaker's Model Y is suitable for kids between the ages of one-and-a-half and four years old. That Model S also costs around $499, whereas Radio Flyer notes the Model Y will cost less than $100. That's a pretty sweet deal for something that could kick-start (pun intended) a lifelong fascination with the automobile. บาคาร่า sa


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